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I've talked about Smile for ME before and if you have read my posts for a while, you will know that they are the charity I raised money for earlier this year during M.E Awareness week.  Previous post about it is here if you want a look :-)

They send happy parcels to M.E sufferers and carers who have been nominated by someone. I have nominated a few people previously and the thought that any money I raised whilst fundraising could help to put a smile on people's faces made me so so happy.

However, what I was not expecting was to be on the receiving end of a Smile parcel!  At the beginning of August I was pretty lost for words when I got one. My sister had nominated me... talk about emotional!!  I cried as soon as I saw the Smile for ME sticker on the box.  When I opened it, I was overwhelmed with how it was all so beautifully wrapped.

The gifts were so thoughtful and absolutely perfect for me.  It all turned me into a bit of an emotional wreck if I'm honest!

The lovely things I received were a personalised trinket box, a vintage style teacup candle, a pineapple (yay!!) candle, a gorgeous framed print, some knitted bunting which was made by another sufferer Jenny and some chocolate smiles. Absolutely amazing!

I think they are such a fantastic charity to support and having now been on the other side of what they do, I can't thank them enough.  It is run by Alice and Gracie who are both poorly themselves.  The fact they do it to cheer up others whilst both not being well is testament to how amazing they are.  They rely on donations so if you wanted to support them and make a donation, you can do so via THIS LINK.

Being poorly with chronic illness is really no fun at all and something like this can make such a huge difference.  A lot of people can be very lonely and don't have much good stuff going on, so to receive a parcel of gorgeous goodies can literally make that person's day/week/year.

Thank you for reading!

Hugs and sparkle,



Mila and Pheebs craft subscription box for children

So as you probably already know if you read my blog, I love a subscription box!!

Imagine my delight when I discovered Mila and Pheebs* who do monthly themed craft boxes for children. Their boxes are full of stationery, activities and fun things to do. They are delivered directly through the letterbox so no worrying if you're not in when the post comes! Subscriptions are available for 3, 6 & 12 months, or on a rolling monthly basis. Or alternatively you can buy a one off box for £9.99 including UK postage. They are perfect for any craft loving child and also work well as a gift.

I was very lucky to be chosen as brand rep for Mila and Pheebs and they kindly sent my little Miss the August box, which was Somewhere over the Rainbow themed.  I was pretty excited to receive it, especially when I saw a sneak peek of rainbows and unicorns on their social media.  I had visions of having to fight her for it!!  As you will also know if you read my posts, due to my chronic illness we do a lot of craft stuff together so the box is perfect for us.

When it arrived she wasn't actually in so I left it on her bed, which just happens to have rainbow and unicorn bedding on.  Totally meant to be!

When she got home and saw it, I'm not sure who was more giddy.. she was delighted at having a parcel addressed to her and I was bursting with anticipation about what was inside!  It definitely did not disappoint.  The first thing I saw was lots of colour and sparkle. Hurrah!

It was packed full of things which all had rainbows or unicorns on.  My daughter has inherited my love for such stuff, so it went down very well.

She wanted to start doing stuff immediately!! Despite it being almost bedtime, she took everything out and was very impressed.  She agreed to do the wordsearch and said she would play with the rest in the morning!

The contents of the box were:

Colouring-in sheets
Rainbow felt-by numbers kit
Neon rainbow crayon
Rainbow crayon pencil
Unicorn pencil
Rainbow mosaic kit
Unicorn notepad
Rainbow paperclip
Collectible Iwako Unicorn Eraser
Heart rainbow stickers
Cloud embossed greeting card

The stuff has really kept her (us!) occupied.  She took one of the colouring sheets and the rainbow pencil out when we went for my friend's birthday afternoon tea and it kept her busy.

The following day she did the rainbow mosaic which had a magnet to attach to it, so it's now proudly displayed on the fridge.

We did the felt by numbers kit together yesterday.  I did the cutting and she did the sticking. I think she did a fab job of it!

Once she had finished she asked if we could cut it out and then proceeded to find another magnet so she could put it on the fridge alongside the other one!

She has really enjoyed everything in the box and has used it all.  You can never have enough pencils or notepads so they went down very well.  She loves the little unicorn eraser too, as she already has one in a different colour so has been loving playing with them!

I absolutely recommend Mila and Pheebs.  I think their boxes are a brilliant idea for children.
Previous box themes have included Woodland, Sweet Treat and Beside the Seaside.  For more information about subscribing follow this link.  Monthly boxes cost £9.99 (including UK postage), 3 monthly work out at £9.66 per box and 6 monthly £8.83.

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding them and let me know if you decide to get a box!



Crown and Glory Glitterati unboxing August 2016. Second anniversary box!

This box was an exciting one (but they all are!) as it was going to be the second anniversary of the Crown & Glory Glitterati. There had been a poll on the group and whichever got the most votes was going to be the theme of the box.

Say hello to the Sakura season box!

There were a couple of prints in the box which I absolutely love. One was for the new style zine which I really like and the other is for an a Instagram 31 day challenge which is running at the moment as part of the birthday celebrations. They are already up on my wall!

The box contents looked like this (and made me squeal a bit with excitement!)...

An exclusive Cherry Blossom crown which came in a variety of colours but I love the one I got

A Blossom bobby pin set

The Sakura hair clip duo (in either silver or gold)

A new monthly thing called the Hair Flair club which is in collab with a different artist or illustrator 

Such a gorgeous box and we also got some confetti hearts and a balloon for the last day of the Instagram challenge! If you want to follow me on there it's @alulabelle3 :-) 

As usual someone else agreed how nice the box was!! 

Happy birthday Glitterati! Thank you Sophie and Gareth for creating such a brilliant thing and for being the reason for so many friendships being born. I not only love the hair accessories but I love everyone who's a part of it too.. it's like being in the best gang of sparkly people who provide the best support. But that's enough of the soppy, off to try on my new things now :-)



Flower delivery from Flowerworld UK

Everyone knows how much I love flowers so imagine my absolute delight when I found out I had won a competition with Flowerworld to win (wait for it)..... a bouquet every fortnight for a whole year!!

Whaaaat?!! I actually couldn't believe it. I screamed!

Everyone loves flowers but I find that with being stuck in a lot because of my illness, having fresh flowers around the house makes me smile. It makes me feel happy.

After I found out I had won (and freaked out a bit/a lot) I waited for the site to launch and made my first order. I am so impressed with the whole service that I decided to blog about it. They have not asked me to or anything but I just want to share as it's so good!

You never know with online flower delivery places how good the quality will be. I have seen so many expectation V reality photos from very well known companies and they have sometimes not looked anything like advertised.

I chose a bouquet called the Summer Meadow which was stunning and it looked like this online

It was really easy to order and did amuse me writing a message for myself on the card! I waited with anticipation the following day and I got giddy when I saw a delivery van pull up and the lady knocked on the door with a huge box. Eeeek...

I'm not sure what I was expecting but they were arranged beautifully and wrapped in lovely cellophane.

I couldn't believe how gorgeous they were and not only did they look exactly as they did online, dare I say they looked even nicer! Three huge sunflowers with roses, lilies, stocks and a few others with a lovely bow amongst them. Simply stunning.

I couldn't stop looking at them and felt incredibly lucky to have won.

Another thing about Flowerworld that made me smile is that their tagline is 'send happiness'. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love a Random Act of Kindness and I often send stuff to people to make then smile :-) I am allowed to send the flowers to other people too so perhaps you will get a surprise at some point over the next year...

It's now just over a week since I got the flowers and they are looking as amazing as they did when they arrived. The lilies have just started opening and I think they will last a good while yet. They make me happy every time I see them. Instant happiness!

When I was browsing the site I noticed that they have 20% off first orders with the code FIRSTORDER20% so if you are looking to send someone (or yourself!) some flowers then I would definitely recommend them. The prices are pretty reasonable too for what you get.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Flowerworld for picking me as one of their winners. I really do feel very grateful and I can't wait to keep my house full of pretty blooms for the next year!

They have an animated journey on their website showing how the flowers go from being picked to being delivered which I found really interesting!

Let me know if you order and which bouquet you go for :-)


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